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Vision : Industrial peace and harmony for socioeconomic development of Sri Lanka | Mission : To facilitate tripartite constituents to develop and maintain productive labour relations throgh education, research and training

National Institute of Labour Studies


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Upcoming Programmes

Programe Name Programe Type Commencing On
How to Become an Effective Leader One Day Programmes 2016-09-02
Management of Labour Productivity Certificate Courses (Special) 2016-09-05
Introduction to Productivity Measurements One Day Programmes 2016-09-08
Prevention and Settlement of Industrial Disputes Two Day Programmes 2016-09-13
Meeting Techniques One Day Programmes 2016-09-15
Six Sigma Two Day Programmes 2016-09-20
Professionalism and Professional Behavior One Day Programmes 2016-09-20
Roles & Responsibilities of Office Assistant for Higher Labour Productivity - Government One Day Programmes 2016-09-23
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