National Diploma in Industrial Relation and Labour Law


National Diploma in Industrial Relations and Labour Law Applications.
The aim of the National Institute of Labor Studies is to produce diploma holders with the skills to maintain good employee relations within the organization and those studying this diploma course will be equipped with the necessary skills to become a Labor Relations Officer / Manager.
This diploma course consists of 14 modules
  •  Introduction to Industrial Relations
  •  Workforce development for industrial harmony
  •  Planning industrial relations activities
  •  Labour laws in Industrial Relations -terms and conditions
  •  Occupational safety & health with related labour laws
  •  Labour laws in Industrial Relation –Social security
  •  Bargaining process for industrial harmony
  •  Employee Disciplinary functions
  •  Coordination with government entities and other Institutions
  •  Legal forums and practices related to labour laws
  •  Project Based Assignment
  •  Workplace Information Management
  •  Workplace Communication Management
  •  Planning and Scheduling work at the workplace
Starting Date23 April 2023
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