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About the National Institute of Labour Studies

Welcome to the National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS), a premier institution dedicated to promoting labour studies, research, and training in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to advance the well-being of workers, employers, and society through the development of knowledge and skills in the areas of labour laws, industrial relations, and human resource management. With a team of experienced faculty, modern facilities, and cutting-edge research, we strive to be at the forefront of labour studies in Sri Lanka and the South Asian region. Join us on this journey to create a better future for labour and employment in our country.


To promote industrial peace and harmony for the socioeconomic development of Sri Lanka.


To facilitate tripartite constituents to develop and maintain productive labour relations throgh education, research and training.


Our Commitment to Excellence as NILS

  • To implement workers education programmes with the collaboration of local or foreign institutes, to take measures to ensure welfare of workers in order to make them active partners in the development process
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings on labour studies and publish magazines, journals, periodicals and books in relation thereto;
  • To undertake research, carry out surveys and provide courses of studies relating to labour studies;
  • To establish and maintain libraries and information services;
  • To work in close collaboration with institutions, organizations, associations and societies both national and foreign, with similar objectives;
  • To conduct courses including Diploma Courses on Labour Studies with the assistance of Universities and similar institutions and award certificates and diplomas where so required;
  • To engage in and promote activities aimed at maintaining industrial harmony.

History Of NILS

Tracing Our Roots: The Story of National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS)

Established on 11th September 2007, the National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) was created as a professional body under the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, Sri Lanka. The institute aims to provide education, training, consultancy, and advisory services to tripartite constituents, facilitating workplace harmony. The Institute was legally incorporated by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka through the National Institute of Labour Studies Act, no. 12 of 2010, certified on the 6th of October 2010. The Institute is administered by a Board of Governors appointed by the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject of Labour in Sri Lanka, as per the powers vested in him by the aforementioned Act. The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, known as the Director General, is appointed according to the provisions of the Act. The Director General is responsible for executing duties delegated by the Board of Governors. The National Institute of Labour Studies addresses three major subject areas to achieve its objectives.
  1. Labour Law & Industrial Relations
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Workplace Productivity
These subject areas are assigned to three different divisions, offering a range of services and courses, including training workshops, short-term courses, certificate, and diploma programs. The NILS has partnered with international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute of India, to elevate its activities to the international level. In pursuit of its objective to provide consultancy and advisory services, the Institute has served numerous state and corporate sector organizations. The NILS has conducted research and studies leading to the completion of corporate plans, strategic plans, action plans, feasibility studies, financial evaluations, and procedure manuals for various production and service sector organizations.

Organizational Structure

Our Hierarchy For Operational Success


Policy Maker - Hon. Manusha Nanayakkara is the current Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, and is responsible for setting the policies that guide NILS. As a policy maker, Hon. Manusha Nanayakkara ensures that NILS is aligned with the government's objectives and is working towards promoting fair and safe labour practices in Sri Lanka.


R P A Wimalaweera is a senior government official in Sri Lanka who has served in several positions in the Ministry of Labor and the Department of Labor. He is currently the Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment, having assumed duty on May 25, 2022. Wimalaweera is highly respected in the field of labor and has been recognized for his contributions to the sector.

Prabath Chandrakeerthi

B. K. Prabath Chandrakeerthi is the Commissioner General of the Department of Labour in Sri Lanka. He assumed duties in October 2020. Prior to his appointment, Chandrakeerthi served in several positions within the Sri Lanka Administrative Services, including as a Cadet in SLIDIA and Senior Assistant Secretary in the Sri Lanka Education Ministry's Uva Province. 


W M D Suranga Gunarathne is a Director General at the Labour Secretariat in Sri Lanka. overseeing the  operations of the organization and ensuring that the country's labour policies and programs are implemented effectively. Gunarathne has previously served as the Senior Assistant Secretary to the President at the Presidential Secretariat and as the Director of the National Productivity Secretariat

The Board of Governors of the NILS

Ex – Officio Members

Name Position Institution
Mr. R P A Wimalaweera Chairman Secretary, Ministry of Labour and foreign Employment
Mr. B K Prabhath Chandrakeerthi Vice Chairman Commissioner General of Labour
Mr. W M D Suranga Gunarathne Director General NILS
Mrs. S P N P N Abeysekara Member of the Board of Governors Deputy Director, Department of National Planing
Mrs. Inoka De Alwis Member of the Board of Governors Deputy Director, Ministry of Industries

NILS Staff

All Official Staff Members

No Name with Initials Designation Contact No E-mail Address
1 Mr. W M D Suranga Gunarathne Director General 011 2 786 551 / 071 452 0 545
2 Mr.S A D Priyantha Kumara Assistant Director (Training) 011 2 786 546 / 071 848 4 683
3 Mrs.L Weerasinghe Accountant 077 733 6 129
4 Mrs.W D D Weerathunga Administrative Officer 011 2 78 6 541 / 077 691 1 027
5 Mrs.K A D P N Karunarathna Programme Officer 011 2 78 6 548 / 076 693 1 697
6 Mrs.M I F Sharmila Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 548 /
7 Mrs.W K J Darshika Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 541
8 Ms.W M K H Wanigasekara Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 541
9 Mr.W W H S Ranatunga Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 548 /
10 Ms.S M D M Ariyawansha Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 541
11 Ms.M N Kandambi Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 542
12 Mrs.N M Jayawardana Management Assistant 011 2 78 6 541
13 Mr.P M D Sanjeewa Office Assistant 011 2 78 6 541
14 Mr.G S Liyanage Driver 011 2 78 6 541